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Digital revolution and Big Data: a new revolution in agriculture

by S. Himesh, E.V.S. Prakasa Rao, K.C. Gouda, K.V. Ramesh, V. Rakesh, G.N. Mohapatra, B. Kantha Rao, S.K. Sahoo and P. Ajilesh

This review considers the role of Big Data (BD), the digital revolution, the application of Internet of Things (IoTs) and sensor technologies in the agriculture sector. The introduction is focussed on the ongoing research efforts on BD within agriculture sector, basic features of BD and latest development in BD analytics tools. In subsequent sections, the importance of BD applications in the agriculture sector and examples of their success stories in increasing farm productivity, current scenario on BD and digital agriculture, the future prospects of BD and bottlenecks in its implementation in agriculture sector are discussed. Agriculture sector is undergoing a new revolution and transformation, driven by IoT, sensor technologies, BD and cloud computing. This digital revolution in agriculture is  very promising and will enable the agriculture sector to move to the next level of farm productivity and profitability. This transformation process looks irreversible and poised to revolutionize not only agriculture but the entire farm-to-food sector.

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