Prof. P Seshu (2010 to 2013)


Prof. P. Seshu, a Mechanical Engineer by training and profession, has application innovation credits on smart structures, robotics, vehicle dynamics and biomedical Engg. This acclaimed teacher from IIT-B Mechanical Engineering Department has received many laurels- excellence in teaching and mentor of the year awards are a few among them. His book on the finite element analysis, quite popular among the student community, demonstrates his innate ability to teach complex problems. He also has published 60 research papers, despite his active teaching tenure. SPARK (Student Programme for Advancement in Research Knowledge), one among his first initiatives as the Scientist-in-Charge, has indeed significantly boosted the scientific ambiance of CSIR-4PI. The installation of a 250 T flops super-computing environment and planning of a visualization hyperwall, spearheaded by him, will help CSIR-4PI to leapfrog to the top of supercomputing centers in India. When the present day high-fidelity computer simulations and the vast array of sensors spew out huge amounts of data (terabytes to petabytes), efficient data analytics and visualization tools will immensely aid the researcher to infer knowledge from data says Prof. Seshu.

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