• New approaches for seismic hazard studies in the Indian subcontinent

    by Imtiyaz A. Parvez

    Earthquakes constitute among the most feared natural hazards and these occur with no warning which can result in great destruction and loss of lives, particularly in developing countries. One way to mitigate the destructive impact of such earthquakes is to conduct a seismic hazard assessment and take remedial measures. This article aims at demonstrating significant contributions in the field of seismic zonation and microzonation studies in the Indian subcontinent. The contributions in the field of earthquake hazard have been very valuable and beneficial not only for science but also for society.

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  • Effect of SST Variation on ITCZ in APE Simulations

    by K Rajendran,A Kitoh, and J Srinivasan

    The effect of meridional variation of sea surface temperature (SST) on tropical atmospheric circulation is analyzed using Aqua-planet Experiment (APE)simulations. The meridional SST gradient around the narrow SST peak in Control simulation favours a strong and single equatorial Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ, defined by the maximum of zonally averaged total precipitation) in all APE models. In contrast, flat equatorial SST peak (FLAT simulation)favours split/double ITCZs flanking the SST maximum, in the majority of the APE models. Although there is reasonable agreement for SST sensitivity of ITCZ  among the APE models in Control, there exists disparity among them in FLAT case. Similarly, while the total and convective precipitation responses are consistent among the models, the large-scale precipitation response shows considerable inter-model variations in FLAT case. The APE intercomparison indicates that the occurrence and positioning of the ITCZ are primarily related to boundary layer moisture convergence as a response to the meridional variation of SST. Furthermore, the meridional gradient of tropospheric temperature is found to be an important factor that can influence the positioning of ITCZ.

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