Finite element analysis of the generalized magneto-thermoelastic inhomogeneous orthotropic solid cylinder




by Sushant Shekhar and Imtiyaz A. Parvez

The present study is related to the finite element solution of the thermal shock, applied on the surface of the orthotropic solid cylinder. We use the generalized thermoelastic theory for the present problem in which we discuss about Green-Lindsay theory (G-L) and Lord-Shulman theory (L-S). The material of the cylinder is supposed to be nonhomogeneous both mechanically and thermally. The numerical solution has been found with the help of finite element method and the results are discussed for temperature distribution, radial displacement, radial stress and hoop stress in the cylinder. In the absence of the relaxation times and magnetic field, our results coincide with the classical theory of the generalized thermoelasticity. The graphical results indicate the effect of nonhomogeneity is very pronounced and the comparison of G-L theory and L-S theory has been discussed.




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