Propagation of torsional surface waves in a double porous layer lying over a Gibson half space

by Sushant Shekhar and Imtiyaz A Parvez

The present study deals with the behavior of torsional surface waves when they propagate through an inhomogeneous fluid saturated porous double layers over a dry sandy inhomogeneous Gibson half space. The inhomogeneities of the porous layers are taken as quadratic and exponential variation with depth in the density, elastic moduli and initial stress. In the half space it varies linearly in the elastic moduli and initial stress. For simplicity of the problem, we have used the separation of variable technique. The dispersion equation has been derived with boundary conditions and solved by an iterative method (Newton Raphson method). We have also converted our dynamical equations into non-dimensional form. It has been observed from the numerical validation of the proposed model that the presence of the initial stress and inhomogeneity of both media affect significantly the phase velocity of torsional surface waves. The effect of initial stress, inhomogeneity parameters, depth ratio, sandy parameter, Biot׳s gravity parameter and porosity of the layer on the dimensionless phase velocity of the torsional surface waves are demonstrated graphically with respect to the non-dimensional wave number kH1 (where k   is the wave number and H1 is the thickness of the second porous layer).



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