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Seminar on "Crack Tip Fields and Fracture Mechanisms in Single Crystals" 
Thursday, 30 August 2012,  3:00 -  4:30
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An understanding of crack tip fields and fracture mechanisms in single crystals can help in
developing better polycrystalline alloys and manufacturing processes. In this talk, the effect
of dynamic loading on the mechanism of failure will be discussed from the results obtained
from finite element analysis. The variation of dynamic fracture toughness associated with
brittle fracture with loading rate will be discussed. Further, the role of material inertia on the
mechanisms of ductile fracture will be shown from small scale yielding simulations for
different crystallographic orientations. It will be demonstrated that such an approach can be
employed to optimize texture component towards maximizing fracture toughness. At the
end, in-situ experimental observations of void growth near a notch tip in single crystals will
be presented to validate the findings from boundary layer simulations. The predictive
capability of crystal plasticity theory will be demonstrated by comparing 3D simulation results
with the experimental observations.

Location Committee Room, C-MMACS New Bldg.
Contact Krishna Mohan
Speaker: Pinaki Biswas, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


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