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Seminar on "Theory and Simulation Challenges in Nanotechnology" 
Thursday, 22 November 2012,  3:00 -  4:30
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The revolution in information and micro/nano electronics technology has been possible due to the continuously shrinking transistor. The size of the transistor has shrunk by more than 5 orders of magnitude in 5 decades ! Can this scaling continue, and would the Moore’s law continue to hold ? These are some of the important questions facing nanotechnology community. As the devices enter nanoscale dimensions, many novel quantum effects start to dominate and these effects become important to design next generation devices. In this talk we shall discuss some important quantum effects, the challenges in theory and modeling of future generation nano devices, spintronics, MRFM, computational lithography, silicon nanophotonics, and beyond silicon devices. 

Location Conference Hall, C-MMACS New Bldg.
Contact Krishna Mohan
Speaker: Kota Murali, Chief Technologist and Program Director, Nanotechnology, IBM India, Bangalore


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