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A Theoretical Study of Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous and Isotropic/Anisotropic Media 
Thursday, 18 June 2015,  3:00 -  4:30
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Sushant Shekhar

AcSIR Ph.D Scholar



Abstract given by Speaker

The study of elastic wave propagation, along the free boundary of elastic half-space, or

along the interface between two dissimilar elastic half spaces or two layers, has been an

important topic of research over the last couple of decades. In this thesis, the analytical

study of wave propagation in heterogeneous and anisotropic media is presented that

depends upon the properties of the material it propagates in. We have assumed harmonic

solutions for each research problem valid for low frequency range. Appropriate boundary

conditions have been used representing the study domain. This study depends on Biot’s

theory and Mixture theory with the presence and absence of initial stresses. Here, we

discuss the propagation pattern of plane waves and of the torsional surface waves in

different media. In the structure of the earth’s crust, each layer has its own properties and

the interface of two media play an important role in wave propagation. Taking this into

account, we have studied the phase velocities, amplitude ratios and energy share of the

respective elastic wave in the given medium.

In order to solve the mathematical equations related to wave propagation in

heterogeneous and isotropic/anisotropic media, computer code in Matlab has been

developed and their numerical validation has been performed. The outcome of this thesis

may be important for understanding the internal structure of the earth’s crust,

earthquake engineering, oil deposits and in the field of hydrology. Some of the studies

may be important for understanding the accumulation of stresses inside the earth’s crust,

the main cause of an earthquake.


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